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Rotary Ball Spline SPR

SKU: info-nb-rotary_ball_spline_spr
Brand: NB
The NB ROTARY BALL SPLINE can be used for both rotational motion and linear motion. The applications include SCARA robots, the vertical shaft of assembly equipment, tool changers, and loaders, etc.
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Rotary Ball Spline SPR
Rotary Ball Spline SPR
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The NB ROTARY BALL SPLINE nut consists of a spline nut and a rotating portion using cross rollers.

Reduced Number of Parts

Because of the single-body construction consisting of the rotating element and the spline element, the number of parts is reduced so that the accumulated errors are also reduced.

High Rigidity

The use of cross rollers and 4-row ball circuits structure provide high rigidity in spite of the compact design.

Compact and Light

The cross rollers are directly attached to the ball spline's outer cylinder, resulting in a compact and light design.

Substantial Reduction in Installation Cost

The use of cross rollers keeps the housing thickness to a minimum, making the ball spline light and easy to install.

High Accuracy

The cross rollers ensure accurate positioning in the rotational direction.

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