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FR / FRA Type

SKU: info-nb-fr-fra-type
Brand: NB
NB SLIDE ROTARY BUSH FR type provides combined functions of linear and rotary motion without stroke limitation. Unlike the traditional slide bush, ball elements are arranged around the shaft within the inner space of a bush maintaining compact dimensions while providing high load capacity and high rigidity.
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FR / FRA Type
FR / FRA Type
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FR type is supplied as a set of a bush and shaft.

Constructed with combination of a load carrying outer cylinder and a return cap, it is designed for smooth compound motions. For ease of mounting, the FRA type is also available, which has the FR bush preinstalled within a factory made housing.

High Load Capacity, High Rigidity

High load capacity, high rigidity, and long life are achieved by ball elements placed all around the inner space between an outer cylinder and a linear shaft.

High Accuracy

Each set of a bush and shaft is matched and controlled to ensure smooth and highly accurate motion.

Smooth Motion

Although it is an all-ball bearing construction, load carrying balls are designed to align along the linear direction to provide smooth motion in both linear and rotational directions.

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