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Ball Screw Spline

SKU: info-nb-ball_screw_spline
Brand: NB
The NB BALL SCREW SPLINE combines ball screw and ball spline on a single shaft, allowing linear actuation, torque transfer, and rotational motion with a single compact assembly. It can be used in scalar robots, the vertical shaft of assembly equipment, and tool changers and loaders.

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Ball Screw Spline
Ball Screw Spline
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The NB Ball Screw Spline consists of a high accuracy, high rigidity Ball Screw nut and Ball Spline nut attached to the ball screw spline shaft which has a screw groove and spline grooves. SPBR type has a Rotary Ball Screw nut and Rotary Ball Spline nut. Rotary Ball Screw nut is an integration of ball screw nut and angular contact bearings. Rotary Ball Spline nut is an integration of ball spline nut and angular contact bearings. SPBF type has a Rotary Ball Screw nut and a Ball Spline nut.
A single axis of the NB Ball Screw Spline can provide positioning, linear and rotary motion as well as combined spiral motion.
The typical applications are SCARA


The preload is properly adjusted for the ball screw nut, spline nut, and angular contact bearings.
Please contact NB for preload specification.


Please do not adjust the spacer. The spacer is adjusted to give a proper spacing for the best preload condition.

Please do not remove the Rotary Ball Screw nut from the shaft. There is no ball-retainer in the Rotary Ball Screw nut.

Please use the pulley centering supporter when attaching the pulley to the return-cap.

robot, assembly machine, loader, etc.

The NB Ball Screw Spline is measured for accuracy at the points shown in Figure 2.


One set of SPBR type can handle linear, rotational, and spiral motion.


SPBF type can handle linear motion.