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About Us

Founded in 1956, Bearing Engineers has always brought the latest technologies to the marketplace. Through the years, customers have come to count on us for honest, practical answers and the most cost-effective solutions to their electro-mechanical needs.As specialists in high-tech markets such as semiconductor fabrication equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, and robotics, we provide a multitude of components, both mechanical and electrical, to address all your motion control needs.

Our team

Our two California offices are staffed with sales and engineering professionals ready to respond to your design requirements as well as providing you with technical and sales information. The Northern California office is situated in Livermore near the heart of Silicon Valley. Our Southern California warehouse and headquarters (ISO 9001 Certified) are located in Aliso Viejo in Orange County. Functioning as an authorized distributor, we offer immediate deliveries of many specialty items, including one of the largest linear motion bearing inventories in the country. Matching quality parts to your specifications is our prime interest. Backing those products with engineering support and superior service reaffirms our long-time commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us for all your electro-mechanical requirements. See for yourself why Bearing Engineers has earned a reputation for high-quality products, innovative solutions, and unsurpassed service.

Our Place

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Our Capabilities

Above is a brief list of our capabilities pertaining to the design and manufacturing of custom sub-assemblies, and contract manufacturing. For more information please call or email us at your convenience to speak with one of our engineers or customer support specialists.

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